Subastas de Carros en NYC: Comprar en Subastas de Coches Usados en la Ciudad de Nueva York

Subastas de coches en NYC - suv negro

For those that like a little bit of excitement in their car buying, here are a few options we suggest for buying a car at NYC car auctions. These options range from state and local government and subastas policiales en NY así como subastas de autos usados al por mayor en NY.

You can buy or sell a car at an NYC car auction online or onsite, depending on what you prefer. Online auctions tend to be held more frequently and are obviously more convenient without having to travel to the auction in order to bid. We always advise to closely scrutinize the inventory before bidding via internet.

Comprar un coche en las subastas de coches de NYC

No deje que el proceso de licitación de la subasta le intimide comprar un carro de segunda mano at a car auction in NYC. If you choose to bid in person or in an online auction, the staff at the auction are trained to assist first-time bidders with bidding in the auction. In our experience, public car auctions in New York and New Jersey tend to move at a more modest pace so bidding is not that difficult at all.

Most of the cars for sale at NYC auctions are from local car dealers, banks, police seizures(including, tow impounds, government surplus vehicles, and private for sale by owner cars.

The prices can range greatly from under $2000 to $20k+ for newer models. It is very helpful to know a bit about cars before attending an auction or to bring someone with you with some expertise.

¿Cómo funcionan las subastas de automóviles de Nueva York?

The key to buying a car at an auction in New York is to learn as much about the vehicles you are interesting in bidding on before the auction starts.

Be sure to look over the auction cars and read all the disclosures from the auction about the car’s condition including mechanical, bodywork, and any stipulations with the vehicle’s title. Be sure to contact the NYC auction before you visit to obtain their specific rules and requirements for bidders as this may vary between auctions.

Si usted es puja en línea, look over any and all photos provided by the auction. You may use the VIN to look up the car’s registration history online.

If you attend an auction in person, it is helpful to arrive early so that you may look at the cars for sale. Be sure to choose more than just one to bid on so you have the best chance to get a decent deal.

Tenga en cuenta que también puede vender un coche en las subastas de coches en NYC. Deje que la subasta se encargue de todo el papeleo y de las molestias de realizar la venta a cambio de una pequeña comisión que depende del precio de venta del vehículo.

Los mejores sitios de subastas de coches en NYC (subastas al por mayor, excedentes de la ciudad y subastas de la policía)

Casa de subastas Queens Auto Mall - Queens, NYC

Subasta estatal de automóviles - Long Island

Subasta de bienes excedentes del Estado de Nueva York

Subastas de vehículos de la policía de Nueva York - Queens\N-Brooklyn\N-Bronx\N-State Island

Cómo Comprar un Carro Usado en Nueva York y Nueva Jersey
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